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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Count Your Blessings.


For fans of Terror. God Forbid, Five Finger Death Punch. 2005 AGENTS OF MAN was assembled in New Jersey during early 2000 by veterans of BULLDOZE and TRAIN OF THOUGHT, singer Puda and guitarist Zack Thorne, the latter also having ties to ELEMENTS D.E.C. They would be joined by guitarist Rey Fonseca and bassist John Doherty, both from ONE4ONE, HARD KNOX and ELEMENTS D.E.C., with the band rounded out by another ex-BULLDOZE and TRAIN OF THOUGHT member, drummer Chris Golas. Review - The drumming on this album is one of the BEST parts of it and the vocals are PERFECT for this type of music.... AOM is not easily categorized into \"NU METAL\" or \"HARDCORE\" .... they have so many influences and show it all in their music .... trust me, I\'m picky as hell about music - this album is hands down amazing & gets better with every listen....... awesome recording, awesome song structure, buy it! Track Listing: 1. Death Of Me 2. No Tomorrow 3. Blood Money 4. Repercussion 5. Without A Trace 6. Can\'t Run 7. Count Your Blessings 8. Truth You Hide 9. Murder 10. Be My Savior 11. Consequence 12. Headless

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