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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Beast on my Back.

NY (USA) Hardcore/Crossover! 1988 Long Island\'s CRUMBSUCKERS spearheaded the mid eighties amalgamation of Thrash and Punk / Hardcore principles to define the Crossover genre. The band formed as a quartet in 1983 playing New York\'s A7 club and cutting a demo that June entitled \'The Crumbsucker Cave\'. Vocalist Chris Notaro was ex-KRACKDOWN. CRUMBSUCKERS made an immediate scene impact with the 1986 debut \'Life Of Dreams\', produced by Norman Dunn and engineered by Mike Marciano being released by Combat in the USA and Music For Nations subsidiary Rough Justice in the UK. Guitarist Robbie Koebler departed after recording 1988\'s \'Beast On My Back\' and was replaced by CARNIVORE\'s Mark Piovanelli. The group also replaced original vocalist Chris Notaro with Joe Haggerty from ZERO HOUR for European touring during 1988 but eventually settled on the unknown Craig Allen. The band\'s rhythm section of bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson joined heavyweights PRO-PAIN as other members founded HEAVY RAIN. Richardson later joined LIFE OF AGONY for their 1997 album \'Soul Searching Sun\' and subsequently recorded two albums with STEREOMUD, a band unit in league with the STUCK MOJO credited bass player Corey Lowery and ex-LIFE OF AGONY guitarist Joey Z. Gary Meskil honoured his former act on the August 2003 PRO-PAIN album \'Run For Cover\' with a re-worked version of \'Just Sit There\'. Track Listing: 1. Breakout 2. Jimmie\'s Dream 3. Charge 4. Initial Shock 5. I Am He 6. Connection 7. Rejuvenate 8. Remembering Tomorrow 9. Beast On My Back

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