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Gone Forever + Bonus tracks!

Gone Forever + bonus tracks & videos! 2004 Review - God Forbid are certainly one of the more exciting & successful bands leading the American thrash charge. Their intelligent, socially conscious lyrics & metal-core instincts have served them well on what has been a deliberate & steady rise to the top.\' 9 tracks of 100% American Metal that are a must for fans of Shadows Fall, Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, & Chimaira. With the release of \"Gone Forever,\" God Forbid approach near perfection in the world of hard rock & Metal. They have now, simply put, placed themselves in the elite of today as well as becoming one of the brighest hopes of tomorrow. On \"Gone Forever,\" there\'s not a momentum breaking track on the album; the sequence is simply outstanding. The album balances its peaks & valleys with near precision until you are left pounded to the turf by \"Judge the Blood\" & its crushing fade-out. This is the kind of detailed thought that went into this album & it pays off many times over. This album is a sonic monster that pounds its soul right into yours with every listen. Bringing all the great sounds & performances together, the band used Colin Richardson (Carcass, etc...) to handle the mix. He helped put it all together into a powerful wall of sound. It\'s got the old school vibe presented in the new school way & sometimes the stereo just can\'t get loud enough for this album. It\'s that good! Overall, performances & writing are beyond top notch; they\'re creatively written, well thought out, energetic & reaking of talent. These guys are scary good! Track Listing: 1. Force-Fed 2. Anti-Hero 3. Better Days 4. Precious Lie 5. Washed Out World 6. Living Nightmare 7. Soul Engraved 8. Gone Forever 9. Judge The Blood Bonus tracks: Allegiance Wicked Reject the Sickness Mind Eraser

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