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Shallow Life CD & LP!

Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life. 2009 Limited edition collectors Gatefold LP & CD! Cristina Scabbia (vocals) states: \"Shallow Life is a natural metamorphosis from within the band; we explored different musical territories while maintaining our own style. A mix of old and new, fast and slow and light and dark. The album production is incredibly powerful and has a beautiful purity to it. Shallow Life has forced us to challenge ourselves. It represents the way we see ourselves in the days we live in through truth, love and lies.\" There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated new releases of \'09 is Shallow Life the eagerly awaited new album from Italian sensation LACUNA COIL. Recorded with acclaimed producer Don Gilmore (Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam) at the famed NRG Studios in Los Angeles, the first full-length studio album since the \'06 release \"Karmacode\" is undeniably a hugestep forward in the bands musical evolution, and promises tobe well worth the wait. With five full-length albums, two EPs, various singles as well as a DVD now to their credit, LACUNA COIL have ensured that each offering further enunciates the subtle, solemn beauty they create. \"Shallow Life\" takes that a step further, seeing them further mature as musicians and songwriters to deliver what may-well-be a career-defining album. LACUNA COIL Shallow Life track-listing (44:05) 1. Survive (3:34) 2. I Won\'t Tell You (3:47) 3. Not Enough (3:40) 4. I\'m Not Afraid (3:22) 5. I Like It (3:42) 6. Underdog (3:40) 7. The Pain (4:00) 8. Spellbound (3:21) 9. Wide Awake (3:51) 10. The Maze (3:38) 11. Unchained (3:22) 12. Shallow Life (4:00)

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