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Breeding Death (EP) + bonus tracks.

2006 re-issue with 2 bonus tracks. Genuine Death-Black Metal supergroup endeavour. The unholy Stockholm based union includes DAN SWAN, an industrious figure claiming involvement with a slew of acts including NIGHTINGALE, UNICORN, EDGE OF SANITY, INFESTDEAD, ODYSSEY & PAN-THY-MONIUM, OPETH\'s Mikael Akerfeldt, KATATONIA & DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE\'s guitarist Blackheim, KATATONIA & OCTOBER TIDE bassist Jonas Renske. In March of 04 the band would be joined by singer Peter Tgtgren, frontman for HYPOCRISY & PAIN & drummer Martin \'Axe\' Axenrot of BLASPHEMOUS, MORGUE, COVEN, TRIUMPHATOR, WITCHERY, SATANIC SLAUGHTER & N.C.O. This reissue of the 2000 E.P. allows it\'s members to release their most primal Death/Black Metal aggressions. Features the E.P.\'s three original tracks & adds 2 demo\'s of the tracks (\'Omnious Bloodvomit\' & the title track). Sometimes, one needs to let off some steam & for its normally quite restrained members, Bloodbath is probably the equivalent of you & me going on a week\'s booze bender. While Mikael kerfeldt possesses one of the best Death Metal voices around, Opeth isn\'t really a Death Metal band. Similarly, Bloodbath sounds nothing like Katatonia or any of drummer/producer Dan Swan\'s projects. The aforementioned bands have a certain sophistication & a level of virtuous grace. Bloodbath, however, has no civility whatsoever. kerfeldt sounds like he is passing 10-pound kidney stones while normally quite melodious guitarist Anders Nystrm delivers a sound more akin to that of a chainsaw. All 3 songs are excellent, with the mighty \"Furnace funeral\" as the highlight. Bloodbath\'s considerable charm derives from the fact that this is 4 good buddies getting together to have rude fun. If you like driving rhythms, punishing guitar work & gargled lyrics celebrating the unsubtle joys of disembowelment, you\'ll love this! Track Listing: 1.Breeding Death 2. Omnious Bloodvomit 3. Furnace Funeral 4. Breeding Death (demo) 5. Omnious Bloodvomit (demo)

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