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Passenger Ltd Digipak

Ltd Ed. Digipak 2003 Melodic Death Metal & Sweden\'s new sensation! Review - PASSENGER is a 2003 project fronted by IN FLAMES vocalist Anders Friden alongside GARDENIAN guitarist Niclas Engelin (formerly of IN FLAMES), HEADPLATE bassist Hkan Skoger and ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE drummer Patrik J. Sten. This album is fantastic. It really is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish as there is not a bad song on it. This is a metal album but not in the same way as In Flames etc. This is heavy, yet melodic, with fantastic vocals that you have to sing along to, otherwise you are deaf or more likely... dead. Trust me, listen to this and check it out! Im sure you will like it. If your a fan of metal and you want something other than extreme music crushing your ears everyday, this album is a perfect break from the brutality. Track listing: 1.In Reverse 2. In My Head 3. For You 4. Just The Same 5. Carnival Diaries 6. Circus 7. Rain 8. I Die Slowly 9. Used 10. Eyes Of My Mind 11. Drowning City + CD-Rom bonus.

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