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Waiting for the Dawn Digibook

Ltd Ed. Digibook CD. Sells for up to 21.00 Euro\'s overseas! Review - 2002 solo project from Timo Kotipelto-the voice of Stratovarius. Includes guest appearances from members of Stratovarius, Symphony X, Helloween, Children Of Bodom & more. Timo put a great one together here! I am impressed with the quality of his song writing skills. His singing is excellent, the music is phenominal, and his choice of Michael Romeo was brilliant! This album is not as symphony-based as Stratovarius, but has more balls and chunk. Romeo plays on 5 of the tunes, which happen to be the best songs on the album. The other guitarists are good, but they don\'t hit you like Romeo. All said, every song is excellent and I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Symphony X, Stratovarius, or both. 10 stars!!! Track listing: 1.Intro 2. Travel Through Time 3. Beginning 4. Lord Of Eternity 5. Knowledge And Wisdom 6. Battle Of The Gods 7. Beauty Has Come 8. Vizier 9. Chosen By Re 10. Waiting For The Dawn 11. Arise 12. Movement Of The Nile

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