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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Tearing Down Your Blue Skies

Recorded 2001. Hardcore/Metalcore outfit out of the USA. Review - Day of Reckoning was in my opinion one of the most underrated albums when it was released. It was punishing with unrelentless double bass and fast picking. The newest release (Tearing Down...) from boston\'s Diecast is sure to leave listeners wondering how a band could come up with these riffs all on their own. Yes, there is more singing but it is NOT the EMO singing that most bands today are accustomed of doing. The vocals are very well done. The guitars have greatly improved, using many different types of chords and time changes. But the shining moment of the cd is definitly Costa on the drums. I have said back when I first heard the first cd that he was definitly on of the best drummers in metal and if you need any convincing that he hasnt lost his touch just listen to the last track rebirth. Overall I feel like this is a very solid effort from an extremely underrated band and it\'s sure to skyrocket them into the upper tiers of the new wave of metal alongside Shadow\'s Fall, Unearth, and God Forbid. Track list: 1.Fire / Damage 2. Seize The Day 3. Torn From Within 4. Savior 5. Rise And Oppose 6. Sacrifice 7. Medieval 8. Traitor 9. These Days 10. Pendulum 11. Rebirth

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