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Dark Genesis Ltd Edition 5CD Box set!

Sells for up tp $150.00 elsewhere! Contains the following albums: Enter the Realm. Iced Earth. Night of the Stormrider. Burnt Offerings. Tribute to the Gods. Review - I strongly recommend this outstanding boxed set to Iced Earth fans new & old. There\'s five CDs, a detailed history of the band, outstanding artwork, & some cool pictures. Heck, the 32-page hardcover book is nice just to hold & look at! The 1st disc is a reissue of the band\'s rare demo, Enter the Realm, which got them signed with Century Media Records back in 1990. (Only 1000 copies were originally made.) Hardcore fans will value this little treat. Also included are reissues of the band\'s first 3 studio albums, Iced Earth, Night of the Stormrider, & Burnt Offerings. Not only has Jim Morris remastered them, but he\'s REMIXED them too. The improvement in sound quality is tremendous, far beyond what could have been done with a simple remaster job. I find the originals completely unlistenable now. Let me try and explain how good these albums now sound. The guitars on Iced Earth no longer buzz impotently...they crunch! And gone is that cheese-grater piccolo snare that drove me crazy. When the drummer hit the snare on Night of the Stormrider, it sounded like he was smacking a stack of paper. Now the drums hit with all the visceral power you expect from a metal record. Gone are those cheesy keyboard effects on \"Pure Evil\". Burnt Offerings benefits the most, however, & now it just might be my favorite album by these guys. The mix no longer suffocates the heavy guitars under exceedingly loud drums. Crystal clear riffs mean you can actually identify individual notes with no difficulty. Even the little touches add a great deal, like the new spooky echoes on the song \"Burnt Offerings\". Finally, something completely new...Iced Earth\'s Tribute to the Gods, a collection of cover songs recorded in Jon Schaffer\'s own studio.

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