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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Intercepting Fist

Released 2002 From the ashes of RIPPING CORPSE (legendary 80s thrash act with Erik Rutan/HATE ETERNAL) comes DIM MAK with their own brand of \"dragon\" Death Metal! Eastern mythologies blend with extremely complicated and technical Death Metal with infernal blasting grind parts by one of the best drummers in the genre! Two years in the making this album will please a lot of people, especially fans of NILE, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and MORBID ANGEL! A huge improvement to their debut album! Track Listing: 1. Phoenix Eye Fist 2. Tai Pan Snake Venom 3. Komodo Whip 4. Shambling 5. Mindgate 6. Den Of The Avalanche Dragon 7. Interceptor 8. Climbing Knife Mountain 9. Nine Head Serpentine Sire 10. Essence Of The Northern Fist 11. To The Negative Power

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