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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

The Sin War

Released 2002. After the first 30-seconds-intro youll know what youre dealing with: total blasting Euro Death Metal from start to finish!!! With the occasional mid-tempo interludes to make all a little more diverse and digestible! This VADER side project reminds quite a lot of VADER, yet most tracks are more straight-forward & direct! Not really an elaboration on their debut yet highly effective and very accurately produced The sin war is essential for all brutal Death and Thrash Metal fans worldwide!!! Track Listing: 1. Comrade Of Death 2. Incarnation Of Evil 3. Internal War 4. Horde Of Angry Demons 5. Infinity 6. Genocide Generation 7. The Truth 8. Beyond Sensual 9. Another Being Wasted 10. Nine Angels

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