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Grotesque Blessings Digipak

Recorded 1999 Brutal US Death Metal for fans of NILE, IMMOLATION, DEICIDE etc. In the more recent tradition of LOATHING, GROTESQUE BLESSINGS has a style all it\'s own which is both completely brutal yet superbly produced and technically proficient. Discriminating fans of extreme music will appreciate the professionalism here. Music, packaging and production are all A+. Review - Broken Hope really push the limits with this masterpiece. If you thought the previous album Loathing was technical, wait til you hear this one. Brian Griffin and Jeremy Wagner are GODS. Broken Hope on this album makes other technical Deathmetal bands sound like puff daddy. I am still baffled why the band split up after this album. Technical Deathmetal has experienced such a tremendous resurgence over the last few years and I think Broken Hope need to reform and show all these new guys what it\'s all about. Suffocation is probably the only other Brutal technical band that matches up to Broken Hope. Grotesque Blessings is definitely the peak of the bands\' musical output!!! Track Listing: 1.Wolf Among Sheep 2. Chemically Castrated 3. Necro-Fellatio 4. Christ Consumed 5. War Maggot 6. Earth Burner 7. Internal Inferno 8. Razor Cunt 9. Hate Machine

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