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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Nice to Eat You

Released 2001 Great Death Metal from this notorious Czech act. Nailed an 8 out of 10 with Brutallica magazine. FLESHLESS performed in the USA during 2000, appearing at both the Milwaukee Metal Fest and November To Dismember events. Touring across North America saw the band partnered with LIVIDITY whilst European dates had the band forming up a package billing of VOMIT REMNANTS, PESSIMIST and LIVIDITY. The 2001 \'Nice To Eat You\' album closed out with a cover version of ROOT\'s \'Hřbitov\'. None too surprisingly two manufacturing plants turned the album away due to its graphic sleeve art. Track Listing: 1. Nice To Eat You 2. The Body Bag Blues 3. Culture Meat 4. Noise Part III 5. Red Stars Hypocrisy 6. Where\'s Mine Resurrection 7. Defy The Fear 8. Headscratcher 9. A Roadkill Recipe 10. Breathe And Bleed 11. Hrbitov

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